“Mastery through time and effort”

-the meaning of kung fu



The origin of all martial arts such as karate, tae kwon do, jiu jitsu, and all others is Shao-lin Kung Fu. Now being taught in the school of Shao-lin Kung Fu & Tai Chi in Barcelona.

We are dedicated to teaching and preserving the 1500 year old art of Shao-Lin Kung Fu. We are under the direct lineage of the Shao-lin Fujian Temple, and practice all styles of kung fu …more


It’s difficult and demanding, but incredibly fun and interesting!                                                                         – sifu demian


“If your primary interest is tournament skills, I advise you to seek your training elsewhere! Most of what you will learn here is too lethal for tournament use. I teach the ancient system of Shaolin-Do, ‘Art of survival, not of sport’. As did the immortals, we should learn to destroy so that we may preserve! It is a way of truth. The knowledge that I offer you is not an athletic training; it is a sacred trust.”

– Shaolin Grand Master Sin Kwang Thé



 On local television in Barcelona betevé:


Shaolin Kung Fu- The undisputed origins of all martial arts, it was originally created by Buddhist monks in China in the early 6th century A.D. Practiced my Buddhist and Taoist monks in seven famous temples in China for 1,500 years, it is also the origin of Tai Chi Chuan, the most practiced and popular martial art in the world. 

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